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    SmartHomeWorkers — the solution for effective remote work management.

    Is a digital solution which combines performance management, time registration/tracking with relevant remote training. Employees typically need ongoing coaching and continuous training. In SmartHomeWorkers we provide this without having to be physically in the same room.


    SmartHomeWorkers helps you coach, track, train and motivate your employees remotely.

    Coach - Train -Track - Motivate - Communicate

    The solution consists of 3 steps – presentation of KPI´s in a dashboard, automatic coaching and performance optimization and finally time registration and tracking.

    First we track the performance of each employee in our SmartBoard – which is a dashboard where we present the selected performance indicators. SmartBoard can be customized by each user so both the manager and the employee can create a personal SmartBoard in just 10 minutes. Since we use Robots to collect data it is a fast and easy implementation.

    As a second step, we enable the employee to conduct own self-coaching by providing individual recommendations and comparing to team performance where relevant. Additionally, we track continuously the performance and the impact of the recommendations as input to the future One-One meetings.

    Finally, we enable the employees to register time. On both mobile apps and web the time spent on specific projects can be tracked. For remote project based work the mobile app automatically registers the project

    It includes:

    • Performance Management. Solution for improving staff performance through individual performance reporting and related coaching recommendations.

    • Self-service. Each employee can register time, projects and see performance compared to team average.

    • Business Insights provide relevant information in time to deliver value

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    SmartHomeWorkers Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

    "During the COVID lockdown the world changed towards more working from home and this has increased the demand for remote management and motivation of employees."

    Amesto Accounthouse has seen the increased demand from employees for the ability to work from home, but faced also the challenges of time tracking, performance monitoring and how to collect informal input from remote employees. By implementing SmartHomeWorkers for Amesto Account house we have been able to create a online dashboard with their individual performance compared and provide them with systematic coaching and motivation input. "

    Kasper Mortensen

    CEO at

    Kasper Mortensen


    Selected benefits from a SmartHomeWorkers implementation:

    • Increased Employee Motivation

      By ensuring continuous communication with teams and the manager.

    • Maintain efficiency

      Due to systematic manager and self-coaching sessions.

    • Automatic Tracking of employee performance

      Reduced performance will be automatically identified and remedies can be implemented.

    • Short and simple implementation

      By the use of Robots we are able to implement the solution very fast with only minimal involvement from your IT department.

    • Employee involvement

      Means increased motivation and acceptance of performance tracking.

    • Safe and easy

      GDPR compliant by design no data stored remotely. All in the portal.

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